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How do you load up on protein?

The workout today was on point! We all killed it! But we all needed protein after to make sure that our muscles were in a good recovery phase.

Let me be clear up front, I am not vegan but I do try to stay off the red meats, and stick to lean meats and fish (as well as shellfish). BUT, I will have a lean mean filet off the grill if the hubs is going to cook it for me.....Of course, I can cook it too but it just seems to taste better when he does it.❤️

So, my protein is actually plant based. And it has really good flavor! OF COURSE, I use the chocolate but it does come in vanilla as well (if you prefer to be vanilla 😉) I normally mix it with coconut milk (unsweetened) and maybe half of a banana - I need the extra potassium to keep cramps in check. This 40 something is really... something!

Oh, and let's make this a little easier for you. A lot of us are SUPER BUSY with life....whether it be with our kids, grandkids, our significant other, jobs, drinking wine.....errr...that shouldn't be keeping you too busy from staying healthy. 🤪....continuing on - here is a fantastic device that my bro got me HOOKED ON! This little blender does so many things, not just blend up a yummy smoothie. There are smaller versions but I am happy that I got the bigger one because if my cup is in the dishwasher, you know I am not getting it out to clean it.

To sum things up, protein is SUPER important for your muscles when you are working out. They are equivalent in calories to carbs and your body really needs them so make sure you are getting, at least, half of your body weight in protein every day. Not just the days you work out; every day. They will also fill you up without dragging you down. And don't be scared to get a vegan one. That doesn't mean you're vegan! Anything plant based should be better for you overall - because come's EARTH!

Just so be nice to your body. Take care of it as it should be taken care of and live a happier and healthier life!


Don't eat the pig 🐖

I hope your core is a little healthier today!

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