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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

I have been asked A LOT about what equipment AKA "TOYS" I use for my workouts soooo I figured this is the best way to share it with you. I have also included the links for easy access to Amazon to buy what you want/need to fit your wants/needs - 😘YOU ARE WELCOME!

One of my favorite toys is the Resistance Bands because they are SO EASY to travel with. I take them when I run, when I go camping, when I travel,...or wherever, and I know that I can always get a workout in.

Lucy and I had a fantastic workout a few weeks ago with them (as you can see here with our glittered faces of sweat). We were KILLING IT!!!!! ⤴

A fun favorite of mine is the booty workout with the bands. Ridiculous! And then I found adding a chair to the mix was even more intense! My booty hurt for DAYS! 🔥YEAH BABY! (these can be found in the Streaming Vids section of the website - if you want to lift that boooootaay UP! 😉) You know I gotta drop that right there, right? 🤪

Another goodie is the ball--- wellllllll there are a few that I reallllly like! ⤵

The Stability Ball is a MUST HAVE! The only real problem is that it is big and does take up a lot of room #worthit - You can do so much with these, from upper body, low body, MORE BOOTY WORK, and of course the CORE! That's what it's all about, right?

Know that the Stability Ball goes by height, not weight. A lot of people think it's by their size and it isn't. Here is the breakdown:

Size of the ball to the height of the person

55 CM: 5' - 5'5"

65 CM: 5'6" - 5'11"

75 CM: 6' - 6'5"

This is the exact ball that I have had since, at least 2008, and I have not had to blow it up again since the first time (except when I moved from Ohio). It holds the air SO WELL! I swear by this one - oh and you know how some of them you can kind of slide on....nope, not this one!

Please don't mind the messy hair but do note the size of the ball. I am barely 5'3" so this is the 55 cm size. Fits me perfectly!

My last one that I love is the BOSU Ball, (known as BOth Sides Up - BOSU). Again, another space stealer but if your bed or couch is high enough, you could slide it under there. Neither of mine are so it's semi-hidden in the corner behind a door. And, OF COURSE, I have the PINK ONE! I LOVE PINK!

SPACE STEALER!!!!! ↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠

So that about sums up my favorite toys. Oh, and if you need dumbbells, I would go with this brand as they have a high quality across the board (sold individually). You could use a Yoga Mat if you want also. I have a few different ones that I love but I will leave that for another day. There are a lot of variations to them and the need for them. I will get the info up soon though. I did attach a link for a nice one that you could use in the meantime. Same brand as the stability ball.

Happy shopping and even better- Happy Working Out! I hope your core is a little healthier today!


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